21 June 2013

Friday's Craving.

Ini namanya Friday's Craving. Di kala mood keje entah ke mana dan asyik memikirkan hujung minggu yang bakal tiba. Kejenya cuci mata selak katalog online. Dan tak pasal-pasal dah meroyan pagi-pagi buta.

I want all these!! If possible, i want it to be mine today.

already got some of these, i really have to complete the set. to be sure all of them be together. they are family after all!!!

yes, i going to have that red jar in my cabinet. must. 

and also this spices jar. dear husband, your help is required in installing the wall shelves. ohh maybe i just should learn from you once dear, so for next time, i will never bother u. you will just suddenly hear that annoying drilling sound. yes, i should.

So anyone would like to join me visit IKEA?? Ekwan is not available tomorrow, but luckily not for the whole weekend. He still free for entertain me on Sunday *sengih* So, got to book his time earlier. *grab my phone and send him whatsapp*

*dah nampak dah ke mana perginya duit gaji aku bulan ni.


  1. wall shelves and spice canister is super cool babe! =)

    1. thanks dayu, for me thinking of this ideas!!

  2. wahh tetiba je entry speaking london

  3. Beli Tuppaware Brands Hidayu, ade warna merah(medular mate)simpan barang kering. Untuk freezer warna biru la tapi. Sebelum beli better join ahli dl. dapat less 25%...;)