22 April 2008

things remain the same

After a long day of silence, Ekwan finally answered my call. How relieved i was..luckily, he sound as usual..there's no sulking tone in his voice..but still... he being so cold -dia masih marah..i know it-

What i'm expecting? I'm should thankful that he let me talk..even i just don't know how to explain everything. He also agreed to met me last night -i amat suka hati- tapi keadaan tak kan jadik baik tiba-tiba. He really can't accept what have i done... tapi tu smua kisah lama, just because of that stupid sms, from that **** person... Ekwan turn to a totally different person.. Hate it!!!!

For now, i don't know whether he will forgive me or not? But i just imagine if ever will not?
No!!!! I just can't accept it!!

I'm missing my dear..

~nak prepare on my engagement pun terus takde mood, hantaran semua my hsmate yang gubah..~


  1. bestnya nak betunang tunangan nehhh
    bape dulang ekk..masa akk dulu 11 balas 21 ...

  2. Baguslaa Ekwan dah angkat call..pujuk lagi eh..biaselaa tu Dayu..ni dugaan ko nak bertunang kot..aku doakan ko baik2 cam dulu ngan en. Ekwan tu yer..love u Dayu..

  3. be patient dayu, everything happen, should be sumthing hide behind yg u sendiri pun tak tau. at last he can know the truth faith and really hope he can accept and try to understand the situation..byk2 berdoa dayu.

  4. thanks pid ang gyena..yeah, for this while what i'm really can do is..tryong to be patient as much as i am able...

    amat harap he really can understand and accept my wrong..

    but deep inside..i really miss him...

  5. just give him time dayu.

    Just accept the truth that men are the most egoistic creatures on land...

    Hope everything will be settled soon.

    Take care.

  6. rasa mcm dpt agak je punca hal ni. insyaallah dia mmg betul2 syg u.he wont leave u.dont ever think negatively. dayu kena buktikan kesetiaan n kasih syg pd dia smpai dia betul2 yakin n percaya kan dayu

  7. Sabar.Jagan pikir yang bukan2.

  8. everything will be orait dayu...trust me. he is hurting and mad because he loves u so much...

    and you, take care n dun worry too much

  9. alhamdulillah .. ok dah semuanya ...


    just taje care of him k

  10. hurm..
    x pe la tuh.. bg dia sket masa lagi..
    dayu jgn runsing sgt.. fokus je preparation majlis tuh.. biasala.. kisah silam neh mmg wat kita saket dan akan menyakitkan org yg sayang kita..
    just stand on what u want ok??

    muahhhhhhh.. cayang dayu.. jgn sedey2 yek.. *smile*

  11. sabar je dengan dugaan.. semua akan ok.. :)

  12. Ohhh gals...u all smua amat baik hati..i just luv u all!! Walaupun kita tak kenal each other, i rasa macam so close with u gals...

    Thanks for all the encouragement gal..really appreciate it...