29 June 2008

Great news early in the Morning

I woke late this morning. As usual, Sunday is the day for being lazy!!

1st thing i look for as i woke up is my phone. It's still in silent mode-smalam tgk Sepi..great malay movie- There are 2 sms for me. One is from mom telling me that my uncle will be in KL today. So? What she expecting from me? Gi jumpe pakcik husin ke? Not feel so lah.. I just want laying comfortly in my room -saya pemalas-

And the other is from Nadia. My dear childhood fren. She is engaged last nite!! She managed to keep it secret! Puas ok terjah tanya what the status of her relationship ngan Haidir tu. Skali tunang sudah!! And they will be married this Nov 08!! Langkah bendul ni.

But of course i'm happy for them!!! Saya suka tgk kawan2 bahagia.

Haidir & Nadia and me at Sal's wedding
*haidir u are so lucky ok to being choose by Nad, u know why kan?

Congratulation guys!!!


  1. yun, sebab tu i kata haidir tu bertuah..punya la ramai org berkenan kat nad tu..haidir gak jadik pilihan hati...