12 July 2008

i'm very not the good one

Arrggghhh!!! Rasa nak tarik2 rambut...

Yeah!! i'm just can't make a decision, sometimes even on a simple things. Amat tak sesuai for an engineer ok Cik Dayu...-lalalalala..lantak la-

I'm going for new hairdo tomorrow but until now.. it 3.oo am!! org lain dh lena diulit mimpi and i'm sitting front V30 still confusing...nak go for curl or short...

me in curl

Macam bengong je rasa, tu pun susah nak decide.. My fren used to call me 'lalang' Dia kata i ni kejap kata gini, in another minute i akan kata lain lak... Hahah...but she used to it!! Tapi benda2 kritikal i bleh decide eh..sebab selalunya mmg dah terang2an solution dia camne.

with lisa.. the shortest i ever had

But haircut is not a simply thing ok... i have to live with it at least for 3 months. Kalau buruk rambut itu, buruk la Cik Dayu yang tak seberapa ini selama 3 bln.. tu yang kena decide betul2...

Nak short ke curl ni? Ekwan tak suka i rambut pendek.. dia kata baik ngadap i kerinting dr short, dia kata muka i tembam, tak sesuai rambut pendek..betul la kot pe dia kata tu..-saya sedar diri-

*esok tgk la pe yg i suruh akak tu buat...


  1. it's a big thing!
    i used to have a long hair and took almost a month to think whether i should chop them off or not.
    in the end, i had a very short hair cut.
    and a week after that, i felt a slight of regret because i miss my long hair so much.
    the choice is yours!

  2. yup...

    and today i'm not perm or cut it short, it remains long as yesterday..
    tak berani nak potong, nak curl kan akak salon kata my hair is too dry for perming...so just go for rebonding... :)

  3. mana yg dayu lebih suka? kalau curl kewanitaan terserlah gitew... kalau cut short...cute!

    apa pun...dayu tetap cantik.

  4. I suka tgk pics u rambut pendek tu..u look younger babe