25 January 2008

Day_uYuna... Who's that?

It have been my favourite ID for quite long... A user name for any registration, my email's account, online subscription..anything that require a username... Day_uYuna will be the choose... It ease me in remembering only one ID with one password...
Actually it's a combination of my name and my favorite character in Final Fantasy X, the heroin in the game..YUNA... I love the game so much. I can stick in front the television without moving from morning till the next day, holding the joystick playing the game. I did also name my cat with that...

Yuna: The Lead Character of FFX & My Black Kitten

Yuna is the summoner from Final Fantasy X. Yuna is a japanese name. It's pronounced with a long U and short A. It's a girl's name, it means "night" and also is the name of a flower, a hibiscus (hibiscus is a tropical flower) that can be found in places like Okinawa. she is a Summoner and daughter of a Great Summoner . Summoners are people who decide to bring peace to the Spira people , by defeating Sin and they learn how to invoke sacred Beasts called Aeons. Yuna has a large number of web shrines.

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