30 January 2008

Satin & Lace

I'm looking for maybe SATIN & LACE. Maybe dis afternoon,after the lunch(x yah lunch lah... i have to lose some weight..i'm Fat...) nak gi merayau kat Gulatis,Jln TAR.. Aziah kata ada promotion kat sana.. Bleh meninjau-ninjau kain,sambil2 survey harga.. I'm looking for kain for my 'Baju Tunang'... Satin and lace might be nice, currently i'm deciding for kurung moden or how bout kebaya moden.. Love the clothes that Sahrifah Aleya wore for her wedding... Putih: Suci murni sangat...

The color? Ni pun not decide yet, i love blue so much.. Light Blue? But i prefer to have it for my wedding theme, for engagement... Try brownish-orange ok x? Kang, cousin i si Laily tu kata i tiru dia lak..but sheis really cantik on her engagement. Ke nak go for purple theme... Pening lah, baru nak pikir color baju.

1 comment:

  1. ala..senang2 n nk murah..ko sewa jek baju kat bridal shop..sonang!!