30 January 2008

How bout Songket? And the dilemma goes on...

Hmmm...did i'm going too excited? Maybe... All what i'm doing today, from the morning until now is browsing on bridal links. Yeah, i want everything to be well planned. It's not cause me any harm for early planned everything, i gak yang lega nanti. Suddenly, i thought bout just sewa baju for my tunang... hmm..tapi macam tak seronok je. I nak jugak buat baju untuk tunang tu.

Dari tadi i try to find any design for kurung moden by lace and satin tapi tak gak jumpe-jumpe.. Lagipun quite pricey lah kain-kain tu. Maybe untuk Nikah nanti okay lah. That when the idea of just having songket for my baju tunang is crossing my mind. Murah pun murah, but still nice. This Songket Bunga Tabur looked nice for me.. What the color to call? Brown kot...

It been decided to be on this MAY 08, after a few delay. But the exact date is not being pick yet. As Zek and Nurul (my housemates) are having their big day on early and the end of May, maybe mine have to be somewhere around in the middle May. Will discuss it with Ekwan later. How bout mom and dad? Gotta tell them... But how? My mom macam x bersedia je lagi nak lepaskan i..HER ONLY DAUGHTER... and her 1st child...

Sometimes i just questioning myself, what make mom so berat hati nak bagi i tunang.

"Mak, along blum nak kawin lagi la, tunang je dulu".

" Mak tak suka ke kat Ekwan tu?"

" Mak, kitaorang ni dah bercinta bertahun-tahun, bagi lah kitaorang tunang"

Ikut kan hati nak je cakap macam tu kat mak, tapi i'm still the loyal daughter, x nak gaduh-gaduh ngan my mom (tapi selalu gak i merajuk ngan dia sebab ni) I know, when the time come she will just accept it and give all her bless for me.. I'm gonna tell my parent this March.. Please gimme some courage for it.

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