28 January 2008

Drama... Drama..Drama

Last saturday(26 Jan 09) Min is coming home, setahun dia kat UK... So we did planned to give her a surprise... Everyone agreed nak berkumpul kat umah Salwa by 6, coz Min is expecting to arrive by 6.30-7.oopm...so bleh lah borak2 dulu kat umah Sal kan... One more thing, as min already told Sal that she has something for all of us for our last year birthday, it make me to find something for her... xkan dia je nak bagi present kan..

So, i pun confirm kan la ngan Mr. ekwan whether dia nak join or not for this gathering(sebab selalu dia prefer i gi sorang)... He did agreed to go with me. He promised to come to me around 2.oopm as he has already make a promise with his frens for their monthly gathering(nyampah lak aku...)..So i just agreed, there still lots of time kan...nak window shopping kat OU pun sempat... So while waiting for him, i just watching TV at home(so boring...dear where r u?)... I did called him to check whether he can come early or not.... Hajat di hati nak jumpe awal,tapi hampeh...so frustated.. he changed our meet time to 4... Rase nak nangis... Nak x nak i masuk bilik, belek2 magazine till i fall asleep.

Pa'a call wake me up... Hmmm..it already 3.15pm... i trus call ekwan...no answer... I gi dapur jap, minum air and try to reach him again...still no answer(dia mula dah...) I just sms him,hoping that he will give me a reply... It have been 5 minute, so i just decide to be ready. Kalau tetiba dia sampai, i'm ready... I pun mandi lah,iron baju...blow-dry my hair...and it already almost 4pm..but still no respond from him... I dah mula hangin.. I try maintain cool and do my make-up..sambil i keep calling him,agaknye dh bape banyak missed kat his phone...

Dah 4.30, with unanswered called, unreplied messages...i rase nak ngamuk. Dah banyak kali dia buat macam ni...but this time, i really can't take it anymore..i just can't stand it... i have enough....

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