25 February 2008

The Awesome Saturday

*baru je lepas audit..and i'm free for now-bleh update blog*

Awesome Saturday hah? Yeah great day! The day started with me woke up at 11am. A bit earlier compared to usual sat lah. I laid lazyly for fews minutes more, not yet ready to treasure the day-hahaha, Dayu the lazy bum! The sound of empty stoamach caught my ears, i'm hungry!! Hmm.. how bout cooking this noon? The idea just great for me. Just feed the fridge with some shopping from tesco last nite. Sambal udang dan fried cabbage should be yummy!!-and again i'm hugry now- Dayu: Just get ur ass out! Get up!

Yeah!!1 I got myselg straight back to kitchen and started cooked-macam tak senonoh je kan, tak mandi terus masak2 kat dapur-it's me, accept it and love me or just ignore me. Done with kitchen work. Here presenting my delicacy sambal udang. Lunch time. I'm starved! What i had for dinner that Friday hah? Oh, that naan cheese at Hartamas with Ekwan.

Sambal Udang in making...

Itarakimisu!! Jemput Makan ye semua...

Had my lunch with Zek. We did finished it all-dayu u eat so much! Don't ever complaint u getting fat anymore please! Huhu... I'm Fat!! Annoyed? Layankan je lah...

Finished with the dishes, 2 pails of clothing are waiting... Arrgghh!! Someone please repair the washing machine! Like it or not, i squatted brushed my own clothes before had my late shower. I thought i spent more an hour there in the bathroom-seronok main air. Then hanged the wash, and did my bed-baru nak kemas katil,sekali lagi tak senonoh-

Planned to continue on my reading og 'Kiss Gone Bad' by Jeff Abbott but later found myself laying in front the TV, joined Nurul and Zek watched that Hindustan movie at tv3-Rumah kami takde Astro- Best pulak citer dia.

Hey dayu, what is so amazing about ur Saturday hah? It seem just ordinary and normal Saturday. Hmm... Ye ke?

I just enjoyed and luv the day-others might not feel so, but that's my life, i rule the way how to describe it. Actually there'll be a GATHERING at pa'a place. It what really overjoyed me. Being together with S&B, my dearest friends. Amat seronok! It's been a month since me seeing n meet them. Last them they gathered welcomed Min home from a year at UK, i wasn't there. I'm really looking for a gath.

*love to meet all the girls*

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  1. sedap nye.. masak kan utk aku dayu.. hehehe.. hepi belated birthday ya...