22 February 2008

Life Resolution

4.50pm... Yeah, another 1omin, and i can be home. What a tiring, packed and tight day. It only for now, i'm able to sit calmly here in my own space-without any distraction:please ignore all the phone call, i have enough works for today. Checked the mail box, read the emails and update the blog-i'm addicted with this thing-even there nothing to write out actually-

I'm officially 25 today,while tried to sleep and end my day last night, i thought of this, what i'm gonna do this year? But need to check what i had done first...

What have i done last year? A quick check (that still captured in my mind):
(Dayu: sure eh, it not a waste??)

- An additional list to the monthly installment- WQQ 7905 (first car at 24)
- successfully save 20% of my monthly pay to ASB-bangga siot-It's not easy to make me go to bank and fill in that ASB blue form
- 2 new hairdo- 1st, the curl for new life as goverment servant, and straight the hair for hari raya. I really need new hairdo!!
- buy me a new mp4, and 2 new phones
- have a lots of new baju kurung (Bosan!! Keje govt kena pakai baju kurung tiap hari)
- Apply for Maybank Credit card-Selamat datang ke dunia 'Hutang Piutang'

What else.. *think*think*...

- shopping for every months
- spent lots on things that actually is not important
- Hah!! Attend lots of interviews-but none is success-Huahauhau-
- visit Genting as it just next door
- gain more weight...Arrgghhh!!!!-hate it-really need to lose some weight

Nothing more, can't remember it all.. Conclusion: I think i spent the year wisely. There might be nothing to be proud of, but it's just okay for me. I can't have everything i wish for, it will never just popped front of me.

For the becoming next year, i not sure yet, what i'm really want. Yeah, what i'm really concern for now is, my relationship with Ekwan. Hopefully, what had be planned will just happened as what it wish for~please~

~Dayu: Be More Patience, Save some More, Spent Less~

*please flatten your tummy*-Arrrgghhh!!!!

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