25 February 2008

~me~the chef~

This weekend what i'm only doing is COOKING. But just love it-nape i suka sgt masak this lately erk?- That afternoon, i decided to cook Black Pepper Beef (Rinie's recipe) for Ekwan, and once again fried cabbage-just to finish it-

Black Pepper beef in Making-add some capsicum-love it

It already 12.30 pm. I pun macam dah lapar-Issskk, semalam dah makan byk pun lapar lagi- Then quickly do the cabbage and i done about 1 pm. Served the disk and called Art & Zek for lunch - 2 hari berturut-turut i served them lunch (Baiknya... :>)

Makan la apa yang ada ye kawan-kawan...

While the had their lunch, i have my shower. I already asked Ekwan to fetch me. We gonna have our lunch at Tasik Titiwangsa-walaupun rasa macam pelik je nak makan kat sana in the noon, tapi lantak lah kan-

I packed the dish, bring the plate and spoon and go straight to tasik. I'm really hungry that time. Just got ourself a hatch and LET'S EAT!!

Ekwan keep taking my picture-seronok tgk i makan kata dia-tak senonoh betul lah dia tu.

Selepas kekenyangan-This lately Ekwan memang suka amik gambar sambil buat muka entah pape tau, dia ingat hensem ke?

After the lunch we went home, ingat nak gi jalan-jalan tapi macam malas je. So he sent me home and planned to go for jog that evening-i malas la, not in mood for exercise- So, get to my room and read 'kiss gone bad' until i feel asleep.

Ekwan did called me for jogged, but i answered then sambung tido-Dayu yang pemalas-

*that how i get through my weekend* lots of joy and some misery* that what we called life*


  1. hai. congrates in making that black pepper beef. huhu..so how was it?delicious?hehe

  2. sedap sangat..tapi terlebih pepper,maka pedis yang amat jadik nye...