25 February 2008

Forgiving Sunday

Easily forgiving? Or just pretending there nothing wrong had happen? So thing will not mess up-what an honor. Hardly act normal but deep inside it hurt your own. Arrgghhh!! Do i being stupid? Try to please other while ignoring mine? Yeah, it's just a little quarrel but there still heartache, dissatisfaction, and of course some anger. But how easily u just forget it, even more you just forgave. There always a reason for everything, so do i..-hope it answered the doubt.

A reason hah? What can it be Dayu?

Nothing else: I just do love him badly. It might only misunderstood. I just don't want to fuss over that small thing. Don't want any fight with him. There's nothing wrong in forgiving. And maybe he'd not do any wrong at all. We both were tired yesterday,that why we easily lost our control.

I woke up that Sunday, and first thing come over me is him. I just feel empty, i do miss him. Called him.. No answer.. he might not wake up yet, it only 11am. Give another try.. He picked up. We talked normally, as nothing happen last night. But before we hang up..

Ekwan: Ayang, sorry pasal semalam.
Me: Iye..orang pun nak mintak maaf.

We finally laughed, and i have my smile. Selesai masalah. Then we discuss the matter. There's is nothing actually, Apalah yang kitaorg sampai nak bergaduh last night. Before i really hang up..

Ekwan: Yang, masak yang. Lapar lah.. Kita lunch sama eh..

*another session of 'masak-masak' that Sunday..*


  1. ini adalah perkara lazim dlm bercinta. tanpa gadoh kita adalah manusia abnormal :D
    hello dayu :)

  2. hiddsta: ye..benar sungguh kenyataan mu itu.. maka dengan ini, terbukti diri ku ini normal.

    hello hiddsta...:>