14 February 2008

It's Valentine!!!

Today is 14 February... It's Valentine!

Ye.. Tau.. Kita sebagai orang Islam tak patut celebrate Valentine ni. Memang tak nak sambut pun. Just give him a wish.. boleh kan?

Memang selalu kami(me&Ekwan) tak sambut pun, sebab the becoming week of Valentine is my BIRTHDAY ( Here, i would like to announce that 21st Feb is Hidayu's 25th birthday). Just can't believe it, i'm gonna be 25 years old. Cepatnya membesar...

Tonight we will only have our normal dinner, but as it Valentine.. we decided to have it somewhere quite special (special ke? boleh la...), at Naili's. Actually, where it's not the main factor to make the dinner special. But how we have it. Apa aku nak cakap sebenarnya ni..? Yelah, makan kat hotel 5 bintang pun tapi kalau suasana suram, apa maknanya kan. Baik makan kat warung tapi both of you are happy, borak-borak.. I always remember this " choose a person that you loved to talk with as your life partner, because at old ages that will be the most important ingredients in your relation" Rasenya ramai yang dah pernah terbaca statement ni.

I think i found mine (by my own judgements).. I can just talk about everything with him, just anything. Everytime i gave or asked for an opinian,he will be the most critic (lagi pedas dari Paul Mose OIAM tu), he will tell the truth, tak pandai langsung nak membodek. It might not what i wanna hear, but it what he really meant.

Arrgghhhh!!! I just miss him... Can't wait for the dinner tonight...


  1. Ewah2..nak ikutlaa ko g dinner mlm nih..hahahha

  2. nak ikut ke? babad kasik ke? tak baik ko tinggalkan dia tau