15 February 2008

Called From UTHM

It 15 Feb 08.. I'm suppose to report duty at UTHM today (after an extension of 2 months-agak melampau). I just aware of it actually, i noticed of it and not pretending ' ye ke? i kena lapor diri 15hb ke?'. Ingat tapi saje malas nak pikir and put a reminder for it because i'm don't have any intention to do so.

This morning, while discussing something with my boss, my phone rang loudly. Luckily i left it at Ita's room. Just before that, they already gave a call but i purposely not answering. Just don't know what i gonna tell them. Yelah, they offer me the post on Dec07, then i mintak extension untuk report duty sampai 2 bulan, then suddenly i tak nak lak that post. Tak ke macam saje nak buat orang hangin satu badan tu nama nya. Dulu ko yang beriya apply, dtg interview, dah dapat tak nak lak.. Isskkk.. Gedik la ko ni..-ada kang derang cakap macam ni kat i, kang i gak yang sedih.

I was interviewed on Oktober 07. Before that Ekwan already asked me whether i'm really want the job ke? Yelah, kalau dapat i have to work there, in UTHM at Batu Pahat, Johor for whole my life. Sebab for that TUTOR post, i akan 'disuruh' sambung Master and phD di bawah tajaan UTHM sebelum i layak nak jadik lecturer. Maka, disebabkan dah makan byk sgt duit derang, kena lah keje ngan derang. For both master and phD, i akan terikat for 17 Years with them.. I'm 25 this year, sampai umur 42 i kena keje ngan UTHM tau. That means, i will be in Johor, and Ekwan in KL for that long... Amat tak dapat dibayangkan...

Tapi i just gave it a try. Tak ramai calon, about 10. Mostly fresh graduate. Masa tu, i dah about a year lah kan kat JKR, kontrak pun dah nak abis, tu yang datang gak interview. Sekali berjaya. Rasa macam senang lak nak jadik lecturer... Tapi.. Bermula la dilema membuat pilihan.. UTHM bagi i extend for 2 month, konon nak serah tugas lah, pe lah kan. Dan i pun keje sampai abis kontrak kat JKR ni. Sekali JKR extend our contract for another 6 months, harus lah i pilih just stay here. Lagipun i'm still waiting for result from TNB (HR kata by Feb they released the result).

Maka, i pun gave UTHM a call. Just say sorry for not answering their call and told them that i already sent them a letter for my declination of the post(hakikatnya, mana ade pun..ekekekek-nape lah manusia ni suka menipu kan). That lady just say okay and i hang up the phone. One problem is solved. I just have to work normally for this 6 months, and if only TNB offer me that post i applied, i will be confusing again as there a lots of rumors about my contract ni. Dengar kata dah convert to SPA.. Kalau ye, harus i tolak segala offer yang datang. I seronok keje kat JKR ni.

Pape, just wait for the release of the official letter from CPK. Jangan mengharap lebih sangat. TNB ni pun bile lah nak keluar result ni..

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