21 February 2008

~me~ 25

Today is 21 Feb 08... I'm 25. Another year in life have been through successfully. So many happened when i was 24; Graduated from UITM, got the offer from JKR (just 2 month after i leaved UiTM, tak sakit-sakit kepala jadik 'penganggur terhormat'). I'm feel so blessed, how lucky i am. The life seemed to be perfect when i was at 24.

Me (24 years ago): En. Abdullah & Pn. Hamidah 1st child, their only daughter.

Wishing from a friends keep coming, started from the midnight (how hardly me to sleep last nite), but it joy me. With Ekwan sent me the video of him sang me birthday wish, it made me laughed loud in the middle of night-so funny ok.

And until this noon, wishes and messages still coming. Thanks so much my dearest friends.

Just love all of You!!


  1. Dayu..happy Birthday..Abu ckp ade party kat KFC yer??hehehhe..teringat gmbo ko tu kat PC azrul kure2..hehehhe