13 February 2008

That make me LOVE him Much more

This morning Ekwan keep messaging me.. Earliest at 8.00 am he gave me a call.. Just for checking wheter i'm well and able to go for work or not... As i already wake up and on my way to work, he hang up the phone with fews reminder

1. Jalan elok-elok, jangan dok main Hp je sambil jalan.. bahaya
2. Jangan lupa breakfast, makan ubat lepas tu
3. Minum air masak banyak-banyak

Banyak lak pesanan dia pagi ni. I was quite late this morning, overslept. Hajat dihati nak je amik EL(emergency leave) but when the thought of that tonnes of works on my desk cross over me, pergi gak keje(berdedikasi sungguh).

Sampai opis around 8.15 am(Just 15 min late). Tapi baru je duduk, En Shahidan dah called. Nak discuss about all our projects in SKALA. Terus gi jumpe dia and 3 of us have discussion for about an hour. Some interruption from the contractor (tak sabar-sabar, tiap2 hari dtg jumpa boss aku..meluat dah dia tgk muka korang) I just managed to get out from boss room by 10 am.

When checked my phone, there fews messages from Ekwan. He checked on me...
Dah makan ubat belum pagi ni?
Pening kepala lagi ke? Perut camne, ok dah?

I replied the msg and let him know for the late reply. For make him stop asking some more question, i just told him i already had my breakfast and took all those pills walaupun hakikatnya setitis air pun tak lalu lagi kat tekak i pagi ni.

He seem to be more caring on me last night, layan je semua permintaan i. And what he done this morning, how he concerns on me, that make me feel very thankful to have him. I can officially assumed he's mine. Maybe what he done is nothing much but for me it enough for some appreciation.

Us: Ekwan + Hidayu: Madly in Love

This afternoon he gave me a call and said that he's already downstairs. We had our lunch together and once again i can feel his warm, candour, and fond love for me.

I will not ask for anything.. Just want to be with him...

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